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Introductory release! Hurry up to take this for special experience!

Do you want powerful force like in the movie, cartoon, game and novel
to destory objects which show others your un-estimate potential and strength.

SmashImpacts is an app which can let you make powerful attack to destory various objects inside it, make the fierce visual and sounds effect which can shock others around you.

You can destroy objects (like brick wall, armor plate, glass window, wood plank, etc), just stretch and shake or punch fist with iPhone or iPod touch. Acting like mana and spells attack in game. Punch your fist in different direction, which would cause relative smash impact and effect on the positions of objects.

Choose different kinds of hits, punchs or attack styles (Like Sorceress Lightning Wave, Blaze Fist, Sorceress Frost, Figther Scream Punch, Marvel Energy Shoot, etc), with selecting a set of target objects to punch, which would cause various visual and sound effects of smash depending on your hit speed, direction.

Punch with holding iPhone and iPod Touch as well as you can, this app can record your punch max speed, hit frequency, hits amount number. You can send your awesome records to your friends email.


  • initial 8 backgrounds punched target object scenarios.(Brick Wall, Wood Plank, Concrete Wall, Armored Glass, Wooden Wall, Glass Windows,Armor Plate.
  • different visual smash animate effects, sound effects for strong punch, strike and hit on each background objects depending on you fist speed and swing direction.
  • initial 11 hit attack styles,which would cause various sound effect depending on hit. Each style has 3 and more hit effects depending on you punch speed andforce.
  • detect punch speed, hit frequency, hit amount number.
  • send record email to friends.

This is far more than a entertainment app. Release tension. You can also use it for personal physical exercises, test punch speed.

Future Releases:

Adding more target striked ojbects, hit styles, add new visual effects and sound effects for smash and hit styles.

  • Version 1.0.7: new features added, do not miss it.
  • Version More Compatible with iPod Touch


This app is for entertainment used and personal exercises only, do not use it for objects damage or causing people hurt in real world.


Compatible With iPhone and iPod touch 2nd Generation which has iPhone OS 2.2 and later.

New in this version - small bug fix

Languages: English
Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)
Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later