Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nudnik Calendar Notifications v3.5.3

Requirements: Android
Overview: Nudnik is a nag application for stock calendar events.

It reads the calendar's events set by you and set a reminder-alarm for the events with reminder.

You can personalize the alarms as well as the event dialog box which appears whenever you click on an event-reminder.

-Personalized Sound/Vibration(pattern)/Led notifications
-Snooze function
-Popup notification
-Increasing alarm!
-Turn on screen to catch attention
-Auto Unlock screen
-Slide to unlock screen
-Shake phone to stop/snooze the reminder
-Themes for the notifications' box
-Motorola Corp Calendar support
-Not notifying while calling
-Personalized interval for repeating alarm
-Recurrency limit (stop playing the alarm after xx minutes, so if you are not next to the phone, Nudnik won't use all of your battery and won't make your friends crazy).
-Override phone modes (notify you even when the phone is on silent)
-Notify all events - also ones without a reminder

Some tips for Nudnik users:
** Uninstall the Lite version before installing the full version.
** If you encounter any problems, try to Uninstall and reinstall Nudnik. It usually solves most of the problems.
** Exclude Nudnik from task killers
** To have Nudnik automatically start after every restart of your phone, DO NOT INSTALL IT (or move it) ON YOUR SD CARD!

Recent Changes:
- Alarm stop problem FIX
- Keyword notification - notify events without a reminder that contains a certain keyword.
- Upcoming event in the status bar.
- FIX - Multiple reminders at the exact same time
- Snooze to a specific date and time!

Thanks to Android+

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