Friday, April 29, 2011

iPhone TIPS: How to Install iMovie on iPad 1 within 3 minutes [video]

There are massive instructions video's posted on how to install iMovie on the iPad 1 (the original). The question is: Why does Apple not support the iPad 1 platform for iMovie? Well, there is no camera onboard of the iPad 1.

You might need more RAM and CPU power to cut your first movie. And of course like any manufacturer, our friends in Cupertino are happy to see iPad 1 owners will buy the iPad 2 too. But if you stick to your good-old iPad 1 and love to tryout iMovie on it, just follow the instruction video below. It takes you a few minutes. However, if you have an Mac, install the real iMovie instead and edit it from your Mac. An alternative is your iPhone 4. Shoot and edit from your little iPhone.
source: The video is shot by YouTube user theunits3


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