Friday, April 22, 2011

Prevent iPhone From Tracking Your Every Move With This New Cydia App [Jailbreak Only]

It has been reported about how the iPhone or iPad running on iOS 4.x has been secretly tracking all your moves. Security researchers have revealed that iPhone tracks user’s location and stores it in a secret hidden file which is replicated to the computer once it’s synchronized with the device.
The file contains data about your latitude and longitude along with the timestamp. This information can be easily accessed by jailbreaking the phone, unfortunately, on the computer even without that. Moreover, the file is not encrypted and can be read by just anyone using a simple app.

Now thanks to a new Cydia app called Untrackerd, you can easily prevent your jailbroken iPhone from tracking down all the bits and saving it to a secretly hidden database file.

Continuously clean up locationd’s history data in the background.
This package installs a daemon (process that can run in the background) to clean the consolidated.db file

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