Sunday, April 17, 2011

iSalam: Quran Hadith & Qiblah Compass 1.4

iSalam: Quran Hadith & Qiblah Compass 1.4

iSalam is an ultimate app that offers a collection of diverse & interactive Islamic tools including Salah timings, mosque finder, Quran & Ahadith books with English translations & Facebook/Email sharing, Islamic events & Qiblah Compass with Accessibility Support all in never before seen one app.

The user-friendly interface allows easy navigation to Ayah/Hadith with simple finger swipe, bookmarks with auto-navigation to bookmarked ayah and Ahadith, one touch sharing option and beautiful dynamic compass with accessibility options for visually impaired people. The app allows for Salah notifications setup that helps provide a unique personalized experience.

Islamic Utilities:

★ Beautiful and accurate Qiblah compass
★ Qiblah Accessibility support for visually impaired
★ Up to 5 days Salah timings with highlighter
★ Local Notifications (iOS 4.0+) for Salah timings
★ Personalized setup for Salah Notifications (Automatic, Fixed & Relative)
★ Info ticker: keeps you updated with Salah timings, Events & settings
★ Up to 8 Mosques search around your location
★ Islamic Events listed according to Islamic months
★ Tasbeeh for Counting Zikar

Quran & Hadith:

★ Quran with English translation
★ User-friendly navigation to Surah and Ayah with simple finger swipe
★ Bookmarking with auto navigation to bookmarked Ayah
★ 18,000+ Ahadith Organized by the Collectors
★ Each Collector's Ahadith further categorized as books
★ Bookmark your favorite Hadith and access with easy built in navigation
★ Share Ayah and Hadith using built-in sharing tools (Facebook & Email)

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