Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The Future of Radar Detection has Arrived!

Cobra iRadar is the first radar/laser/camera detector which integrates with your Android Smartphone.

• Alerts to speed & red light cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous intersections
• Displays visual alerts from the detector on your smartphone **
• Controls radar detector settings from your smartphone **
• Overlays alert history on the radar map view
Cobra iRadar Detector unit:
• Detects all radar & laser guns used by Law Enforcement
• Provides full 360-degree protection
• Reduces false alerts with City/Highway Mode

**Note: Some functionalities of this app are only available when linked to a Cobra iRadar Detector unit. To purchase a Cobra iRadar detector unit go to or enter the store page on the app. Your phone pairs to any Cobra iRadar detection unit using Bluetooth wireless technology to give you full protection against radar and laser guns, speed and red light camera locations, known speed traps and dangerous intersections.

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