Tuesday, June 26, 2012

iOS6 beta 2 -ChangeLog


Today, Apple has seeded iOS 6 beta 2 to Apple developers. If you are already on iOS 6 beta 1, you can update to beta 2 OTA by going to settings>general>software update. The OTA update is 299mb, otherwise you can download the full IPSW from your developer portal to restore with iTunes.

Install iOS 6 Beta 2

The update includes some bugfixes as well as new functionality. We must stress once again that this is for developers only, while iOS6 is still in beta mode, it will be very buggy. Only developers who wish to start adding iOS6 functionality to their App Store or 3rd party apps should be installing this firmware. The firmware can be jailbroken, but Cydia will not be installed with the jailbreak since the SDK has not yet been updated to support iOS6.

New Toggle for Shared Photo Streams:
Apple has added a new toggle that allows you to disable the Shared Photo Streams feature.

New Twitter icon:
iOS 6 Beta 2 has been updated with the new Twitter icon.

Siri gets Redesigned TweetSheet:
The TweetSheet inside Siri's UI has been slightly redesigned.

Offline Reading List:
The toggle to enable or disable the use of cellular network to save Reading List items for offline reading was under Safari in the Settings app in iOS 6 beta 1, this has now been moved to the Cellular settings page under iCloud Documents and Reading List toggles.

Maps App:
Some of the blatant errors in iOS 6 Maps app seem to be fixed. The Maps app no longer confuses Greenland for the Indian Ocean, the Indian Ocean for the Arctic Ocean, the middle of Africa for the North Pacific, and the southern ocean for the North Atlantic.

Calendar Notifications:
Calendar Notifications now show the date and ending time.

Guided Access:
Guided Access feature is working in iOS 6 beta 2.

Smart Banners in Safari:
Safari now displays the smart banners, which allows websites to display a banner at the top of the webpage to promote their app.

Revamped App Store
The Top Free, Top Paid and Top Grossing (and not Top Grossing Apps) tabs get the dark grey treatment in the revamped App Store app. It was light grey in iOS 6 beta 1.

Assistive Touch:
You can now take a screenshot using Assistive Touch feature. It's available under Favorites. Thanks Victor for the tip!

FaceTime over Cellular:
The FaceTime over Cellular toggle seems to be working in iOS 6 beta 2. Thanks Colin for the tip!

Passbook gets a new splash screen, which provides more information.


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