Friday, June 29, 2012

iOS 6 beta 1 & iOS 6 beta 2 Difference

iOS 6 firmware is expected to release by the end of this fall as it is announced at the WWDC 2012, by the end of the event apple has paused its first beta iOS 6 to its developers as usual in order to let developers test it, today Apple followed its first beta by anther beta which iOS 6 beta 2.

iOS 6 diffrence

Calendar Now Shows End Times From Notification Center
iOS 6 Beta 1: When you set up an event on your i-Device Calendar this event  will show up in Notification Center with its starting time only.

iOS 6 beta 2: in the iOS 6 beta 1 the the Notification Center shows up the starting time of the event only but by the second beta update, shows up the starting and the ending time.

iOS 6 beta 2 Calender

Apple Re-introduces the 3G Toggle
iOS 6 Beta 1: I think by the release of the first beta iOS 6 Apple dismissed the 3G toggle from the operating system.

iOS 6 Beta 2: With the new update Apple seems to have brought the toggle back.

iOS 6 beta 2 3G Toggle

FaceTime Preferences Pane With No Crashes
iOS 6 Beta 1: Many developers complain about some crashes when they tried to open the FaceTime preferences pane.

iOS 6 Beta 2: By the second beta Apple has fixed the FaceTime preferences pane crashes and do some changes around FaceTime options.

iOS 6 beta 2 Facetime

Twitter Icon Updated Universally

iOS 6 beta 2: has been updated with the new Twitter icon to give twitter more realistic-looking.

Twitter icon has been changed , as the Twitter bird has been rotated few degrees anti-clockwise, also the twitter icon location has been changed from its location to a new location as you see on the screen below:

Siri gets Redesigned TweetSheet:
The TweetSheet inside Siri’s UI has been slightly redesigned.

Safari New Error Page

iOS 6 beta 1: When the Mobile Safari Web page fails to Open it will inform you by a massage in the blue box saying that (Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet).

iOS 6 beta 2
: With the new beta Apple has updated its error alert message for the Safari Web page fails and changed the blue box by the Safari logo and information message (Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding).

Guided Access Now Enabled

iOS 6 beta 1: Guided Access is a feature by Apple that ships with iOS 6 but this feature is not working on the first beta.
iOS 6 beta 2: by the new beta Guide Access works very well.
Thanks: Absinthe Jailbrek

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