Sunday, May 1, 2011

TIP & TRICK to make ipgone 3G faster like 3GS

Thanks to the last IPSW 4.2.1 for 3g to had this takt for frequanses to let iphone 3g become faster like 3gs. tested 100% work.

you need first your 3G jailbreaked and download Winscp v 4.3.1 beta then install and run it

conect your 3G with wifi and put the IP in winscp, user name su passwort alpine like this photo

now go to /private/etc and with doupple click open the file "" fstab ""

add from the top of it

alpine <–your password
sysctl -w hw.cpufrequency_max=550000000 max. frequens 600Mhz (not good value)
sysctl -w hw.cpufrequency=550000000 this optimal value
sysctl -w hw.cpufrequency_min=432000000 this frequancey will be used whtn battery become less than 20%
/dev/disk0s1 / hfs rw 0 1
/dev/disk0s2 /private/var hfs rw 0 2

dont write the red color words

now just save and close the editor of fstab

now you need to download and copy it to /system/library/LaunchDaemons

Done, reboot your 3G now and enjoy speed of 3GS

tested and worked 100% so dont forget press thankyou.

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